Saturday, February 28, 2009

I ask for nothing I can get by, but I know so many less lucky than I.

I am not a religious person. But maybe I want to be. I just dont know how. The problem with me believing in god now would be that I would be believing in him because he'd help me. And I dont want god to help me, I want him to help the people who need it. I know a lot of people who need it more than I do.


I dont want to turn to god in a crisis and expect him to save me. That just doesnt seem right to me. If and when I believe in god I want to do it without getting anything in return. I would want to do it because I want to do it and because I think its the right thing for me to do.

Ahhh I dont know how to explain it.

And the reason I got turned off on religion was in the first place was because I havent meet a lot of nice religious people. Most of them say Im going to hell or im the devil. And they act like theyre so righteous and better than other people just because they believe in god. And they treat people who are different than them so badly. And theyre hiprocrites preaching all this stuff and than completely ignoring their own words when it relates to themselves. And theyre ignorant hating and fearing anything they dont understand. And thats not right.

Obviously not all religious people are like that. But still the ones Ive met are. I dont know it just ruined religion for me at a young age, and I never really got back into it. But seeing the people around you so judgemental... I just never wanted to turn out like that.

When I was younger I thought of it like "If I believe in god I have at act like they do." And of course I didnt want that. But now that Im older Ive figured out that being like that isnt part of the religion.

I thought we all were children of god.


  1. wow it sounds like the people you met who believe in GOD aren't very cool. You know believing in GOD, becoming a Christian, isn't a religion, its a relationship. GOD wants us to have a relationship with HIM, He created us for that reason. What the people you have met have said is horrible, You are not the devil, and seriously they are just as bad as you, NO ONE is more worthy than another person, we are all equal in GODs eye, and you know without GOD we are ALL goin to hell, BUT by GOD's amazing grace and mercy HE made a way for us to not have to go to hell, you see when GOD made the world and Adam and Eve,HE made them with a free will, HE gave them everything they could ever need! and HE also gave them one instruction, don't eat the fruit of this one tree. But like i said GOD gave them a free will, and they chose to eat from that one tree, and thats when sin started. And around 2000 years ago, GOD sent HIS only son ( John 3:16 For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten son that whosoever would believe in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life) On a cross to die for the whole worlds sin, for every person who had ever sinned , and for everyone who still had yet to sin, HE sent JESUS, HIS only son on a cross for you and for me, for everyone! Dude HE loves you so much and is totally callin for you! He wants you to know HIM so badly! Seriously to feel HIS love is the best thing ever! I can't begin to describe how amazing it is! TO just know that even if no one loved you, or if you felt alone, just to know that HE will always love us and never leave us. CHRIST's love is so amazing!!!! HIS love never changes for us! nothing we could ever do would make HIM love us anymore or anyless. HE loves us with a perfect love

  2. "If and when I believe in god I want to do it without getting anything in return. I would want to do it because I want to do it and because I think its the right thing for me to do."

    That sounds like a pretty good reason to me. Better than the reasons a lot of other people have.
    And like the previous comment says, it's about having a relationship with God, not about following a religion.
    I have a good Christian friend who assures me she's not 'religious' for that exact reason. It's not about following rules, it's about allowing God into your life, loving and accepting Him, and having Him love and accept you.

    And all this from a non-religious person.

  3. You sound like an emo. Sorry but true. My ex insisted he'd met people like this. He hadn't; but it made him feel special to pretend he had.
    I am not religious. I follow Christ. My belief: Jesus Christ is God. God is Jesus Christ. My mission: Try, every day, to be more like Jesus Christ. More often than not, I fail. I judge others. I'm mean for the sheer hell of it. And in the end, it doesn't matter, because all God wanted from me is my belief in His Son, and for me to give it that old college try to be like Him. That make sense? Doesn't have to. It's faith.
    BTW, I love THONT.