Monday, February 2, 2009

new brother

so my brother diego has had a friend staying over for a few days. All I was told was that he was having family problems. Today I found out his parents kicked him out. And shaun (diego friend) already thinks of us as his new family, and that this is his new house. lol hes acting like Im his younger sister and hes proctecting me from a friend/boyfriend (along with diego). lol so things are definatly interesting.

Shaun never plans on going back. My parents dont know that yet... But theyre probably going to be okay with it. My mom had similar problems with her parents. When she was 14 she got kicked out/ran away. She got a job pretending she was 17 (shes where I got my older looks from, lol I can pass for 18 and im 15) and she got her own place, dropped out of school.Well anyway I like him living here, diegos a lot happier and hes a good kid. Its weird that while one brother moves out a new "brother" moves in.


  1. take advantage of the new situation. shaun sounds like a good guy

  2. He'll be a good brother, I know it ^_^

  3. I visualized your new brother falling in love with you. Nah, I'm probably watching too many soaps. : D

  4. im happy for you to meet his guy
    seems like you guys can bond
    i hope this turns our good for you
    .. i know it will