Saturday, January 31, 2009

normalcy is key

Thanks to the advice of a friend Im trying to turn my life around. But in a way I havent tried before. Just get out and be normal. lol its been a long time since Ive done anything remotely normal. Or even hang out with my family or friendds. Its was just so depressing being by yourself all the time, even when I didnt have to be. I isolated myself from them and dont know why. It wasnt even a really concious descision. So anyway today I went grocery shopping with my brother. I havent hung out with him in forever and it felt good. Especially since hes going off to join the army soon this was one of my last chances. And I almost didnt take it but Im glad I did. (thanks matt). lol we were driving and in the car we were singing along to the radio and dancing like crazy people with all the other drivers were looking at us like we were crazy. I miss acting crazy and doing fun things. So know Im going to try and get out more and even hang out with some friends who I havent spoken to in months ( i seem to push people away when Im depressed). But apparently they missed me so Im making plans to go to the mall and see a movie with some friends. lol Im even going to hang out with my mom. weve got literally ten hours of christmas stuff recorded on tivo that we still havent watched, so on my moms day off were going to watch so of it. Ahhh I got to go. Me and my brother (brother and I?) are going to watch tv. see ya...


  1. This post made me happy. I'm glad that you got your spirits lifted.