Wednesday, January 28, 2009

blessing in disguise?

Yeah so Im running out of pills. And of course I purposely (purposefully?) spent all my money so I couldnt buy any more pills. And when my parents found out I overdose they stopped buying medicine. So Im freaking out. I havent overdosed at all today and its killing me. How can people live like this? Withdraws are crazy. I only have enough pills for two more days of being high. So I have to get a job or something. Actually I might know a guy who I could get high with. lol but hes like 23 but he likes me. Hes tried sleeping with me before. lol he thinks im a hooker (long story) but hes willing to give me money and pills. He wants to hang out and get drunk and party and stuff. Hes a fun guy. He wants to take me to dinner and then back to his place. So whenever I feel like shit I can just go someplace with him.

So yeah my brother found matches in my room. But hes not going to tell my parents. He says hes going to give me a chance to give him all the things I shouldnt have and i wont get in trouble for them. Hes the one who found the beer lol. I wouldnt be in this mess if I bothered to hide the things I shouldnt have. I just fucking leave them out and dont care...

lol I dont think theres much of anything left that I shouldnt have. No more alcohol, no matches, and Im running out of the pills... So yeah...


  1. andrea, think about this shit. he's 23! you're FIFTEEN! your life is about to be so fucked up. what are you thinking??

  2. you know i dont think...
    look hes just a guy i can meet and have fun with. i met him when i ranaway once, he was nice. i know hes a little older. but hes just a friend

  3. Are you sure that's what he's thinking? You said he tried to sleep with you, after all. If I am being a pain in the ass, just say the word, and I will stop all the pushy commenting.