Tuesday, January 27, 2009

this time...

i took four times the dose (presciption), and then three times the other dosage. I did it at like 5:00 am this morning and now its 4:30. Like I said I passed out three times. I cant walk without drawing a lot of attention to myself. I sorta just collaspe...so Ive stayed in bed all day listening to music. Its been pretty fun. Coming in and out of realiy is a blast. So much fun. But I can feel the effects starting to wear off a little. lol now I can walk...sorta...and I can actually have a conversation. my thinking is a little messed up, but whatever. I havent eaten in three days but Im not hungry at all. lol this is great. hmmmm.... I guess its bad. I dont know Ive always been underweight for my age and size but now Im seriously skinny. Like Ive almost been diagnosed with any eating disorder. But its just the pills they make me lose my appetitte. Yeah well... I have no idea what Im talking about anymore... so yeah


  1. You need to eat. Lay off the meds, too - prescriptions are laid to help - doctors know more than you think. Too much could kill you - you'll hurt so many people including yourself if you did. Trust me, I've been through more than people know and i'm not making suggestions - I'm TELLING you - quit the OD-ing. For me if not for you. Life gets better, I promise.

  2. I know too much can kill me... But I also know how much I can get away with. It fucks me up for a little while but besides that theyre really no consequences... Lifes so fucking perfect right now. I really dont see a reason to stop. Why would I ever want to stop feeling like this?

  3. In a couple of years you might be wondering what the hell you were thinking. It messes with your system.