Friday, January 23, 2009

im going to get high

My unmedicated self. So yeah..
I havent been taking my medicine but Ive been saving them. Ive got like tweenty four pills (presciption meds- limictal), and some respidal. And Im going to take them all and see if I get a buzz. Yeah I know Im regressing, and breaking promises but Ive recently figured out that I was destined to do this shit. Ive inherited it. Whats the point in fighting who I am? Ive given up on me. I wanted to change because my family wanted me to change, but besides that I dont really want to change my life. I dont think Im doing anything wrong. So what if I get high everyday and get drunk sometimes? Who the hell cares? Its how I deal with things, whats wrong with that? Its not like Im killing myself. Im going to go back to doing stupid shit but I am sorry.


  1. I'll respect your decision. But keep blogging so I know you're still alive.